Fernet Liqueur

Typical Italian liquor, strong and decisive obtained by the infusion of gentian, aloe, myrrh, chamomile, cardamom and rhubarb, just to mention some of the countless aromatic herbs present in the product developed by Cavalier Quaglia at the beginning of the 20th century. On the nose it offers a powerful but not invasive alcoholic note, soon declined in floral and balsamic scents. The sip is inevitably warm, savory and enveloping with consistent retro-reflective returns. To be enjoyed in large glasses, with or without ice, accompanied by milk chocolate pralines.

$ 46.00  /  bottle

GLD_iconset-10Distilleria Quaglia

GLD_iconset-11Imported from Italy

GLD_iconset-09700 mL

GLD_iconset-0840% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-146 bottles / case