Chinotto Liqueur

Delicious and peculiar liquor obtained from the infusion of fresh chinotti, manufactured by hand, as soon as they’re collected. The extraction of juices and of delicate perfumes is obtained through a alcoholic infusion for more than 2 months. After the pressing, the infused beverage is aged in tank beyond 6 months. The product obtained, is the base for an amber liquor, portrayed by great elegance and by a deep scent of citrus and spices. Rich and refined on the palate, it releases delicacy, grace and a vibrant aroma of vanilla and rhubarb. Gently bitter, it closes the tasting with soft notes of dandelions and orange blossom.

$ 46.50  /  bottle

GLD_iconset-10Distilleria Quaglia

GLD_iconset-11Imported from Italy

GLD_iconset-09700 mL

GLD_iconset-0835% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-146 bottles / case