Quaglia vermouth berto extra secco

DISTILLERIA QUAGLIA – Vermouth Berto Extra Secco

Extra dry vermouth

The unmistakable style of this Piedmontese dry vermouth retraces the ancient formula, jealously guarded at our distillery. The gentle floral notes joined by the green hints from tansy and wormwood, meet the subtle oxidation gifted by the wine aged in oak barrels.
Shiny and lightly golden, soft and tasty, it immediately conquers the palate with power and elegance, with fresh yet balsamic hints.

28.55$ / bottle

GLD_iconset-10Distilleria Quaglia

Imported from ItalyImported from Italy

GLD_iconset-091000 mL

GLD_iconset-0819% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-146 bottles/case