Txakoli Zudugarai White Wine

Txakoli Zudugarai White Wine

White wine

Le Txakoli Zudugarai is made from grapes from the Zudugaray vineyard. The oldest vineyards in the Cantabrian winery of Gipuzkoa. These vines grow partly on vertical trellises as well as using the horizontal trellising method.
A wine of pale yellow color, with contributions of golden tones. On a thin layer, it retains the greenish and grayish iridescences typical of the Zudugaray variety. It has a length in the mouth but yet well balanced. Good aromatic intensity, distinguished by its contributions of fresh grass, green apple and citrus fruits in which appear notes of yeast and grape marc.
An interesting nose with a beautiful lightness and freshness that can be sampled at the first sip. A wine with good aromatic intensity and with a great retro-nasal expression.

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Txakoli Zudugarai SATTxakoli Zudugarai SAT

Imported from SpainImported from Spain

GLD_iconset-09750 mL

GLD_iconset-0811% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-1412 bottles / case