3 Lacs - limoncello

Distillerie 3 Lacs


Here is the first Quebec Limoncello!
Obtained by the infusion of lemon zests that are peeled at the distillery, sweet clover and mandarines are also used to add a hint of sweetness. The 3 Lacs Limoncello is super tasty and ultra-refreshing. It will instantly add a festive touch to all the moments that deserve to be celebrated, in addition to refreshing your hot summer days… or your beautiful winter evenings. An Italian classic with a local twist.
It is pure happiness when served as a digestive on ice, or even when mixed with your cocktails.

33.75$ /  bottle

Distillerie 3 LacsDistillerie 3 Lacs

Product of QuebecProduct of Quebec

GLD_iconset-09750 mL

GLD_iconset-0828% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-1412 bottles / case