Distillerie du Square - Gin du Jardin

Distillerie du Square

Gin du Jardin

Inspired by ingredients found in the garden, this gin is made with neutral alcohol made from 100% Quebec corn and largely with fresh local Quebec ingrédients. The gin du Jardin stands out with composition of ingredients specific from the Outaouais region, such as Clavalier pepper and juniper berries from the Outaouais.
The aromatic profile of this gin is unique and features assertive notes of cantaloupe, supported by the presence of sage, mint, cucumber, and fresh lemon zests.
Its complexity and freshness make it a refined and easy-to-appreciate product that can be enjoyed both in cocktails and pure tasting.

49.50$ /  bottle

Distillerie du SquareDistillerie du Square

Product of QuebecProduct of Quebec

GLD_iconset-09750 mL

GLD_iconset-0842% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-1412 bottles / case