Antxiola Getariako Txakolina white wine

Antxiola Getariako Txakolina white wine

White wine

Antxiola is a Txacoli wine made by Bodegas Zudugarai. The winery was founded in 1989 the same year that the DO of Getaria txakolina. Family has been growing grapes and making wine from these vineyards for over 50 years working with the local variety of Hondarrabi Zuri. Vineyards are near the coastline among rolling hills at about 90 meters above sea level. Work in the vineyards is done by hand including harvest. Wine is bottled while young to retain some of its natural effervescence.
The gentle fizz (as is traditional for Txakoli) is just one of the many charming elements. Bone dry with angular but balanced acidity with a plethora of fruit notes including grapefruit and melon with fresh grass and spring flower notes on the nose.

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Txakoli Zudugarai SATTxakoli Zudugarai SAT

Imported from SpainImported from Spain

GLD_iconset-09750 mL

GLD_iconset-0811% alc./vol

GLD_iconset-1412 bottles / case